IDC is a dynamic and ambitious construction company specializing in infrastructure development. IDC’s success stems from a team of talented professionals and its results-driven commitment to the highest performance standards. With plans to remain in Nigeria and participate in development for both the public and private sectors, IDC seeks every opportunity to prove the reliable quality of its end product. IDC’s main goal is to provide a higher level of service. We do that by introducing efficient ways of execution to the infrastructure development industry and to maintain our position as a leading construction company serving Nigeria and its people. IDC has sincere interest in building long-term, sustainable businesses in Nigeria. That will be accomplished by addressing any domestic policy objectives and export opportunities that present themselves. ​

IDC has the flexibility to embrace changes within the industry. At IDC, we thrive on innovation, continuous improvement and best practices. That reflects IDC’s commitment to remain a forward-thinking company. IDC’s successful construction approach is based on aggressive administration, accurate cost control and low overhead. IDC’s key personnel and directors have extensive experience in Nigeria, and infrastructure development in particular. Their unique qualifications allow the team to provide creative execution and design ideas that suit each project specifically. IDC believes in hiring highly talented local and international people for their long-term potential, giving them the responsibility and authority to be effective team players. Last but not least, IDC is characterised by its commitment to fulfil the client’s needs, meet their challenges and understand their concerns. 

​This is the road that we chose. This is the road that we are building. 

Established in 2009