IDC remains committed to being transparent in all phases of its operations, which include project management engineering and construction. 

Complete Transparency

IDC recognizes the importance of our employees and their contributionsto the achievement of our goals and objectives. We always strive to increase their competence, involvement and motivation. 

Exceeding Expectations

IDC applies the best possible technology in the industry to comply with agreed-upon requirements and continually to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. 

This policy had been shaped by years of experience in addressing unique situations to yield excellence.

Everything we do at IDC adheres to our stringent Quality Policy. 

IDC will value and plan its work to maximize quality and safety. Quality objectives are established with a framework for reviewing and measurement.

Quality and Safety

Professional Teamwork

In recognition of our valuable clients, IDC remains committed to meeting customer requirements on time, exceed their expectations, increase their satisfaction, and gain their commitment. 

Harnessing Techonology